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If so, then you are in the right place. 

This is how it usually goes:

You discover trading by seeing an advert.


You get totally excited about it.


You then start researching, and feel like you are the one.

You feel like you are the only one who knows about this business.

You are absolutely amazed.


You buy a course with a secret trading system. 


A trading system that was developed by a 'veteran Wall Street hedge fund manager'.

All you need to do is watch a couple of indicators applied on the chart.

You just click Buy or Sell when you see a signal.

You don't need to know how the values of those indicators are calculated.


All you need to do is follow the signals.


In fact, you don't even need to know anything about the financial markets,

the place where you risk your hard-earned money.

It takes you some time to realize that what you bought into is just not working.

You carry on trading just to lose a significant amount of your account.

Emotionally shaken, you decide to go back to research, exposing yourself to sly marketing techniques yet again.

You find a new strategy, promising even bigger returns.


At the same time, the so-called 'trading guru' is offering you a time-limited, 90% discount.


What happens then? 


You end up buying again.

Does this sound familiar?

Good, you are finally in the right place.

Or - are you a complete beginner who has not yet experienced the above?

Even better - by being on this site, you are already a step ahead of many beginners.

Trading is really not quite as simple as buying a mechanical trading strategy based on the commonly used indicators, and just clicking Buy or Sell when prompted.

It took me about 2 years to get on the right path, meaning I stopped back-testing arbitrary combinations of indicators and started focusing on underlying mechanism of all markets - Supply and Demand. 

In my YouTube videos, I have been sharing my thoughts, analysis & critical approach to markets, while repeatedly getting one particular question:

"How to trade markets successfully, based on Supply and Demand, using just Volume Profile and Support and Resistance levels?"

To answer this question, I have decided to develop a product which will tremendously help a vast amount of aspiring traders: a course in which I describe my strategy as I trade it, A-Z.

Complete Trading Strategy, A-Z

That you can immediately apply in real markets.

Volume Profile

Extremely powerful tool that shows which prices are accepted and which are not.

Learn how to use it practically, towards your advantage.

No Time-Lagging Indicators

Indicators and well-know patterns just don't work anymore, because everyone is trading them.

Enter and exit using only Volume Profile and price-action.

Advanced Approach

To make it in the markets, you can’t just click buy or sell when two moving averages cross.

Start learning professional strategy that truly gives you

edge in today’s markets.

No Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Making $10,000 per month with capital of $500 cannot be done. If it was, everybody would be doing it. 

Escape the vicious circle of looking for holy grail which doesn’t exist, and start achieving realistic profits.

Complete Package

The vast amount of information available makes it harder than ever to find the right path.

Avoid frustrating trial-and-error process and get everything you need in one course.

"I love this course! Your teaching method is precise, and you don't skip important details that others just don't explain."

Paul C.

“I can't thank you enough. I find your course very helpful. I'm very excited to start using the strategy, and I can already tell I won't need any other one."

Marius V.

"There are no black & white trade setups ​in the course. Instead, there is an understanding why the market is responding in a certain way, at a certain price."

Tilt J.

A Professional, Structured Curriculum

Which is example-focused and easily understood by anyone.






Introduction to Supply and Demand

Finally understand the most fundamental, yet most overlooked mechanism on which all markets are built - the Supply and Demand.


Fair Price and Volume Profile

Learn to combine a robust logic of Fair Price with Volume Profile to ascertain which prices are not accepted and improve your edge.


Balanced Market

Get a clear, easy-to-follow framework to describe balanced market (trading range) and get a trading strategy tailored to this type of market. 


Imbalanced Market

Learn easy-to-understand framework to describe imbalanced market (trend), and get a trading strategy that is tailored to this type of market. 


Support & Resistance and Higher Time-Frame Analysis 

Master analysing two time-frames to determine market's bigger picture, and find strong Support & Resistance levels.


Risk-Management, Entries, Trade-Management and Exits

Learn exactly how much to risk on a trade, where to place your stop-loss, how to enter & how to exit, all described on practical examples from real markets.


Trading Psychology, Financial Targets and Market Portfolio

Learn to control your emotions effectively, get a portfolio of 18 markets to trade on daily time-frame and learn how to set realistic financial goals.


The Complete Strategy

Wrap everything up and apply your strategy on 3 comprehensive, real market examples, including E-mini S&P 500 on 3-minute time-frame.


How to Start

Get actionable tips based on my own trial-and-error that help increase your odds significantly, and put you ahead of the game.



Sierrachart Tutorial

Learn everything you need to get started with this strategy in Sierrachart, and avoid the need to digest the vast functionality of this software on your own.


How to Backtest This Strategy

Understand why should you NOT do manual backtesting and what should you do instead to effectively practice this strategy.




Advanced Concepts

Deepen your understanding by learning advanced concepts of entry price averaging and fading, and using 'runner' exits.

Of curated high quality content, covering everything from fundamentals to highly advanced techniques

"I have been in the business for 27 years, and this is the best explanation I have ever seen."

 - George G.

Hi, I'm David.

This strategy represents years of my own trial-and-error, starting from indicators & big drawdowns to Supply and Demand & consistent capital growth, all distilled into one online course.

Who Is This Course For

This is the most comprehensive Supply & Demand, Volume Profile, no-indicator course out there. 

As such, it is for people who are truly serious about trading.

You want to learn trading strategy that works in any market and on any time-frame

You are serious about trading, have realistic expectations and aim for a consistent growth of your capital

You are looking for 'over-the-shoulder' walkthroughs which show you exactly how to trade, covering everything from initial analysis to entries and exits

You have already learned (most likely the hard way), that a strategy that makes 1,000% per month doesn't exist and you are now looking for serious stuff that works


You are a complete beginner looking to save a lot of time and money, by avoiding frustrating trial-and-error process of researching, navigating through misleading statements, and developing a strategy that actually works

"Your course has totally beaten my expectations"

"Your explanation of identifying high probability trade setups is brilliant, and the strategy is ready to be used out of the box.

There are so many trading educators who teach shortcuts and cheap tricks that don’t work in the markets anymore. You’re definitely not one of them."

 - Juraj M.

"I really like your course - it's worth every penny"

“I paid for a course before which referred to 
Volume/Market Profile, however it did not break it down to the succinct level you are providing. 

I really like your straight to the point approach!"

 - Mats S.

Get instant access to the course, gain an understanding of underlying principles that cause market to move, and finally get on the right path.

What you're getting:

6+ hours of structured, curated content

Universal strategy for any market

Unlimited access & all ongoing updates

Trade and psychology journals template

Dedicated email support

Portfolio of 18 markets

Risk-free, 100% refund 14-day money back guarantee


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Save yourself time, money and frustration.

Escape the vicious circle that 9 out of 10 traders will never be able to get out of - start today and get ahead of the game.

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