5-week portfolio - an intense online programme designed to take you
from zero to your own systematic strategy portfolio in 5 weeks.
How to trade according to 100% mechanical rules, with a minimal time effort and without emotions?
The answer is trading a portfolio of systematic swing strategies, which is what this programme helps you to achieve in just 5 weeks.
Here's how:
Programme gives you 5 systematic swing trading strategies, backed by their
extensive backtests, complete codes and a full breakdown of their logic 
As a part of the programme, I code all strategies from scratch right in front of you in Amibroker, teaching you everything you need to know to master this powerful backtesting and analytical software
Alongside this, you will get an extensive, curated systematic trading know-how, presented to you in an easily understandable way
I've also packed a number of bonuses to make sure that you get a hands-on support that's absolutely unheard of in this industry, designed to get you started as soon as possible - scroll down for more details
Aspiring traders who have not yet managed to get the consistent results focus on trading a single strategy.
They hope that they find the perfect strategy that's profitable under all circumstances, or that they "figure" the market out.
The truth is that a strategy that works all the time doesn't exist.
The key to consistent profitability and capital growth lies elsewhere - it lies in trading multiple strategies in a portfolio, and doing so in a fully systematic way - and that's precisely what this programme is designed to teach you.
This programme focuses on trading systematic trading strategies in a small portfolio - upon the completion of the programme, I will be trading the strategies presented in it and updating you on the performance.
You do not need any prior coding experience and you do not need to be an experienced trader.
All you need is willingness to learn and 10-15 minutes per day to follow the strategies.
The true value of this programme lies in the hands-on support that's like no other in the industry.
See the bonuses below


You will get complete codes of all strategies that are part of the programme. Codes are written in Amibroker formula language (AFL) and are of a modular form, making it easy for you to adjust them and make the strategies your own.


You are also getting access to signals of all strategies, updated daily before US markets open. This makes it easy for you to start following the strategies whilst you are still getting familiar with the programme.


You will get data for 3000+ US stocks provided daily, so that you don't have to source it yourself. This helps you to focus on trading right-away, without having to worry about the practicalities.


After you complete the programme, we start focusing on the practical side of things by trading our model portfolio - you will get daily trade updates, executions and regular performance updates.


And most importantly - you are getting access to an
elite systematic traders community
where I am active daily to help you
achieve success in systematic trading.
Learn how to trade in a fully-systematic way, code your own
strategies and start trading your own portfolio in 5 weeks
Risk-free 10-day money back guarantee
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